Monday, August 2, 2010

Time to go live....

Hi all,
So I've been debating with myself, do I want this to be a shared journey with friends able to read the drama, or is this just for Aaron, our child and I. There are pros and cons to both. But I've decided that beginning by sharing information is the first step to being open with our child about where s/he came from and how s/he was created, so here we go.
I've actually been writing a lot, but haven't been posting it here. So I think I'll post a bunch of my electronic journals about this today, so it will look like I did a lot of writing in one day, but know that this was actually over the last two weeks ;>.
Also, the friend who I previously mentioned has decided that this process is so complicated and adventurous that we should make a movie about our respective journeys (we're totally joking about this, but it's fun to look at it in that light). So, who do you all think should play me? Aaron suggested Sandra Bullock, and I think she rocks, but I also think at this point she might be a bit old. I like Kristin Bell, especially from her Veronica Mars days. Any other ideas? How about for Aaron? My other friend has decided Neil Patrick Harris should play him. On a random, but not so random tangent, a friend told me about the site You submit a writing sample, and then they compare it to a bunch of authors and tell you who you write like. I submitted my first blog entry and it said that I write like (drum roll)...Agatha Christie. So apparently this story will have drama and intrigue, preferably minus the murders. But my friend is right it does look like it would make for a good movie!

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  1. how about tina fey and steve carrell? i saw them last night in the movie "date night' (which, by the way, i never considered going to see because it looked lame but actually ended up being completely and totally hilarious) and, anyways, they were both hilarious. very witty, quirky with great chemistry. check out the movie and see what you think...