Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's a little snow after all we've been through?

I've been waiting to announce it on the blog until I knew we were on for sure, but now I shall. I'm beginning my next round of stimulant medications on Saturday! If all goes well, on about March 10th we will have some lovely eggs to retrieve for our second round of IVF. We had to get to YFCF21C today for an ultrasound and blood draw to get the go ahead. This, however, proved to be a bit more difficult than a typical jaunt into the city.

You see, last night we got about 6" of snow. Now, my friends on the East coast and in the Midwest, I know that as you read this you are shaking your heads, scoffing at this. "Bah!" you think, "After what WE'VE been dealing with for the last month, what's a lousy 6" of snow? Especially when you want a baby!" Well, let's talk geographical differences. For example, when I went to Northwestern, back in Chicago, I asked someone during new student orientation week, "Where's the best place to go skiing around here?" And he answered, in all seriousness, "Colorado." Because about the only elevation you get around there is on freeway overpasses.

Now, let's look at the Seattle metropolitan area. You see, Aaron and I live at the bottom of a big hill. A really big hill. And, in fact, all over this area are really big hills. Some of these hills are so big that they make the Great Smokey Mountains and Appalachians look like pitcher's mounds. We could probably refer to them as mountains, but, a hill by any other name would rise as steep. And Seattle, until recent global warming trends have changed the climate somewhat, rarely experienced snow. So the whole city owns something like 20 plows. Needless to say, living at the bottom of a hill, after an evening where it snows like crazy, does not bode well for travel the next day. Remember, we're talking a place where school gets cancelled or let out early if they think there might be snow.

Fortunately, we were somewhat prepared. We parked the car at the TOP of the Very Big Hill the night before when it began snowing. Then, it was just a matter of fording the drifts to get to the top of the Very Big Hill the next morning. Aaron the Intrepid, in an act of gallantry, began the trek 10 minutes ahead of me, and had the car nearly dug out from beneath its snowy tomb before I even reached it. And then, he offered to drive us to the clinic! See, here's the thing, in our relationship, whenever possible, I tend to do the driving. Aaron hates driving, particularly in the city. Secondly, driving keeps me from getting car sick. The snow must have awakened some dormant cromagnon gene within him, "Me protect wife from weather!" And in an act of pure chivalry (or perhaps it was out of fear of how I might drive in the snow) he offered to drive.

Then we began what I thought might be the most harrowing part of our journey. Heading Into The City. Because the other thing about Seattlites is that, for the most part, they have no idea how to drive in the snow. When they start to slide, they hit the breaks. When they begin to lose traction, they gun their engines. When they begin to fishtail they turn, they turn their wheels away from the skid. Don't believe me? Check out these YouTube Videos for some amusement:

Here, a guy tries to go up a hill, and fails miserably:

Here, several people prove their ineptitude:

Here, is where I was pleasantly surprised. The streets had very light traffic, another one of endearing Seattlite traits is staying at home when it snows. Secondly, Seattle proper hadn't been hit very hard by the snow. The worst was right in our area! We made it to the appointment with plenty of time to spare. I spent some good time getting my blood drawn, having my ovaries checked out, and signing the omnipresent consent forms. Round 2, here we come!

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