Friday, October 15, 2010

Quick Update

Been awhile since I've written. Honestly, all of this has just kind of been wearing on me. It's hard work with a lot of people involved. We're now in the contract phase. Our lawyer is drafting the contract. We'll review it, make any changes we want, and then it will be passed off to "Lisa's" lawyer who will review it with her and then either sign it or make changes to it. Until all of that gets in place, not much else will happen.

Aaron and I are making a journey down to Oregon Health Sciences University to meet with the nurse midwives there to make sure we are comfortable using a nurse midwife (which our surrogate would greatly prefer) over a traditional OB. Anyone have any comments on one way or the other?

I promise a very newsy interesting blog entry will follow shortly, but I know folks are wanting the know the state of things so I thought I'd do a quick update.


  1. I'd feel comfortable with a nurse midwife. I had one for my second pregnancy, though as luck woudl have it, she was not on call when I delivered and I had the hospital staff OB. If she's had previous uncomplicated pregnancies (and I'm sure that's the case), and I'm guessing has used a nurse midwife before, then I think it would be OK.

    What you might want to think about would be if she was carrying twins...

  2. I personally can only speaking towards an OB as that is all I have had. I loved my OB's. Worked fine for me. I have had friends who used a nurse midwife and spoke highly of their experience. I agree with Heather about if she's carrying twins would you be ok with a midwife instead of an OB.

  3. My friend and my aunt both used nurse midwives and had their babies at home. They both highly recommended the experience. Questions to ask are: 1. Can you work with the surrogate to choose a nurse midwife you are both comfortable with? 2. What are protocols does the nurse midwife follow if the baby or mother is in distress? 3. How close to the surrogate's home is the hospital if the nurse midwife attends a home birth? 4. If your insurance covers any of the surrogacy process, consider that most home births with midwives are not covered by insurance plans.

  4. Quick clarification, this would be a hospital delivery with a nurse midwife, not a home birth. And if she does end up carrying twins, although we really hope that won't happen, we would probably need a perinatologist or specialist, not a midwife. I think that's a whole different ball game.